CONNECTx is a market-making token made to reward liquidity providers on UniSwap, and provide unstoppable liquidity for the CONNECTx ecosystem.

0x58fbce7f305cc2e3daa9731b575d4c2ec3b5b8bd - CTx Token Smart Contranct

0xCb346351A65824b08758C26D358E00bF71323084 - CTx Rewards smart contract

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⚡️CONNECTx Website- Link
🔒900,000,000 CTx (90% of total supply) locked — Link

📈CONNECTx Rewards structure
At the moment of writing this update, 2.5 CTx are distributed each block to the CTx UniSwap pool participants.

On February 1st, 2021 Connect(CT) and Rubix(RBX) pools will be added to the CONNECTx ecosystem, and rewards for the CTx-wETH UniSwap pool will be reduced to 1.25 CTx P/Block, while CT and RBX will be receiving 1 CTx P/Block.

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CONNECTx is a market-making token that rewards liquidity providers.